Meet Dawn Lavergne

On her own - Creative Perfection

Dawn has immersed herself in the industry and lifestyle of the Alberta design community. Based out of Calgary, Dawn brings over 25 years of expertise, experience, and passion to every project. With her MKL Design Studio, she has established a reputation for creating and successfully completing a wide range of projects in the custom home building industry that has gained her national recognition.

She is known for her abilities to meet and exceed the dreams and needs of her client as well as balance trade and client relations. Dawn brings her instinctual skill and timeless style to every project, she has mastered the art of creating and executing impactful experiences and beautiful homes for her clients.

Now Co-chair of the BILD Student House Design Competition Committee, Dawn shares her enthusiasm and knowledge for design with the community. Her passion for the industry is clearly evident with how much she gives back. She’s volunteered on the Calgary Home Builders Association’s Student House Design Competition Committee for over 10 years. She is currently in her 4th year on SAIT’s Architectural Technologies Advisory Board and served 7 years on the NKBA Prairie Provinces Executive, and held positions including President, VP Academic Relations, VP Communications, and VP Programs.

She is a successful entrepreneur; dedicated to achieving her goals and giving back in her career. Dawn is passionate about balance and lifestyle. She is the mother of three amazing teenage girls, that are the highlight of her life and keep her on her toes. She’s also extremely passionate about health, fitness and travel, where she finds her zen moments and draws inspiration for life and work.

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